VPS server, What’s the best VPS server to buy

The best VPS Server for your project

That’s a hard question to answer. The best vps server to purchase depends on your type of protect. If might be gaming or it might be web hosting, it could even be virtual server hosting on top of a virtual server. Usually the best vps server to go for is a server running on KVM virtualisation because these are considered stable.

cPanel VPS

If you’re looking to host websites on your vps server then you should consider cPanel. cPanel vps is the most popular control panel in use today for hosting. Its stable and been around for years. You can host multiple sites all on the same server and you get a backend control panel. to manage the server called web host manager. Plus a front end control panel to manage the specific website. A cPanel vps can is best run on a virtual server that is powered by a Xeon cpu. The types of cpus are great at multitasking and therefore are perfect for a cPanel vps.

Ideally start looking for a cPanel vps provider and first get a dual core Xeon vps server. like an E3-1245v2 and E5-2540 with a minimum of 4GB of ram and 50Gb of space. You can ask your vps server provider to install cPanel to your vps server which they should do free of charge.

Media Streaming

If you’re not looking to use cPanel and are wanting your virtual server for something like streaming. Then you’re going to want something with more cores and a fast connection. A vps server with a 1 GBPS connection would be advisable and between 4 to 10 cpu cores. A virtual server with an ssd hard drive would speed up your servers response time by up to 40% so you should also consider this. Most providers charge a premium for ssd space so take your time to shop around for the best deals